Herman Miller Aeron - Semi-Loaded - Pre-Owned

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The Herman Miller Aeron is the perfect marriage of performance and design. Their best-selling office chair still defines expectations for ergonomic comfort now for more than 24 years after its debut. 

Model: Aeron 
Size: B 
Color: Green/Black 
Condition: Pre-Owned 
PRICE: $400
*BONUS* - This model comes w/ a high-performance aftermarket piston. The piston comes w/ a 1-Year In-Store Warranty 

Seat Adjustments, Options & Features: 
➣ Seat Height 

➣ Kinemat Tilt Tension 
➣ Lumbar Height 
➣ Lumbar Depth 
➣ Free Air Flow Design 
➣ Woven Suspension Membrane 

If you ever have an issue with your chair, don't sweat, your all set! Our in house Herman Miller Aeron technician is amazing and here to take care of an issue if you have one down the road! Thankfully the Herman Miller Aeron is made to last and we are looking forward to helping you find the right one for you :-)